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Every day I get up, I look forward to going to work. I’m never too tired for it.

At MegaServices, we see pro AV techs experience explosive career growth every year. Although the average AV technician earns just $44,144 a year, we regularly see technicians make six figures by partnering with MegaServices.

We want to share their stories to show aspiring and professional AV techs what is possible with freelancing.

Vlad Peirrelouis was a professional florist and decorator living in New York with his own shop when he realized his career was leaving him unfulfilled. He wanted a job where he could learn and grow. Vlad dabbled in other fields, including real estate and networking technologies, when he found his true passion: AV technology.

Vlad initially worked with another freelancing AV platform, but they were only interested in the next paycheck. He wanted to build a sustainable career, so he was excited to find MegaServices. In 2008, he joined the MegaServices team and grew his freelance vocation into a thriving business with the help of the connections and support he received.

Now, Vlad is one of the top MegaElite techs. He earns more than $100,000 a year and wakes up every day excited to do what he loves for a living. Vlad can support his family and continue his growth in a fulfilling career.

Here is what he has to say about his journey into freelance pro AV work, MegaServices, and the industry’s future.

Can you share a little of your journey as an AV technician? Where did you start? How did you become the successful freelancer you are now?

Thank you! I used to be a network engineer, and I’ve always been curious about tech work. I’ve gone as far as the CCNP certification with Cisco, but then the market changed, and the whole work dynamic totally, totally changed. So, I left the industry.

My faith is very strong. So, I prayed for a new direction. I know I love challenges. I know customer service is one of the qualities that are very important. I wanted to be in a place where I could be all that and find success with the tools I’ve gathered in my journey. Originally, I went into real estate. It wasn’t for me. My passion for IT was definitely the future for me.

A friend of mine introduced me to Field Nation. When I first got to Field Nation, I knew that it wasn’t for me because there were a lot of people just trying to make money. I wanted a career. So the first thing I did, since I had the support side, I found the top producer. I went to work for them for free. They thought it was funny, but I knew it was the best way for me to learn. For six months, I worked for no money, and the client got to know me. So when I stopped the internship—that’s what I called it—then suddenly, the client would call me.

One thing I’ve learned is that most good techs have zero personality. They were great techs, but their people skills were horrible. So, I learned to grow on that.

One day, a good friend of mine happened to introduce me to Mega. I started my journey with Mega, and it was very good. It’s a totally, totally different platform.

What attracted me most was that I was treated as a professional. I was paid as a professional. Mike (Founder of MegaServices) could have been all about profit, but he was more interested in cultivating people.

I remember the first call I got from Mike. I was absolutely excited.

Mega has an incredible, incredible back office. The project managers are very knowledgeable, very supportive, and I have a personal relationship with all of them. It’s a family atmosphere.

When I first came in, I had a technical background, but when it comes to signal floors in the AV world, I’m a technical person. I have to learn as I go. It’s not every day that there’s someone that’s been there from the beginning, that is patient, that’s a people person, and who has great world teaching. But John [Pierce], our main support guy, basically trained me. I learned to adjust my mindset to the way he works, which really helped me.

You have to be faithful, you have to have a direction, and you have to find a tribe. And this is what I call Mega. Small, but making a huge impact in the industry.

And I tell everybody that works with Mega has the same ideals. We are simpler. We take ownership. We don’t look at the money aspect; we’re looking at growth. And now I’m watching my career take off like a rocket!

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How did you decide to go freelance? What attracted you to freelance specifically?

I was raised as a professional florist and a decorator. I lived in New York and had my own shop. I eclipsed that. There were no more challenges.

AV caught my attention because it was the unknown, and most people were afraid of it. I loved challenges and was blessed to walk into a situation where I was given all the tools and confidence.

How has working with MegaServices helped you grow your business and grow your knowledge base?

With Mega, I have top-tier clients. They have the latest technology and top-of-the-line everything. I’m given an opportunity to represent Mega, and each time I’m given a chance, I have the teamwork I need.

Whenever something comes in front of me, I’ll do it. It could be a bad situation, but I’m doing it. Here’s the way I look at it: when you are in the military and have soldiers in the trench, well, I’m your private Ryan, who is going to be out there pushing and pushing because, at the end of the day, everything falls into place if you understand your passion and your role. You take your responsibilities and represent Mega all the time.

One important thing I’ve found is leaving a lasting impression on each client. Whether it was a call for an hour or a week, I get to know the client because I’m representing Mega, so I have to show quality. I’ve been given this opportunity and if I do my part, Mega gets more work, repeated work, which keeps me busy!

How has working with MegaServices impacted your work-life balance and overall lifestyle?

Well, here’s my philosophy, and people laugh at it all the time: If I’m not working, I’m spending money!

I have two beautiful grandkids that became part of my life. So Mega allowed me to make a difference in future generations.

Sunday is my day off. I hardly work on Sundays, but if I have to work, I do. That’s a day I rest, that’s a day I spend with my family. My mom is with me now. I get the chance to spend time with her. She got the chance to see me as a productive adult, taking on new responsibilities and taking care of her and the family.

My work-life balance is very simple. It’s mostly time with family. I’ll go fishing. I’ll ride my bicycle whenever I get a chance. Go to the [Florida] Keys and vacation.

That balance is perfectly fine with me. I work, and when I’m home, I review cases I’ve worked on to empower myself and learn. Because knowledge is the key. We’re in an ever-growing industry. Right now, I’m really getting into AI because I know AI will impact our business very soon. I’m trying to get ahead of it and see its direction. And I kind of see what direction it’s going, so I’m willing to do the extra so I can be an asset. Because as Mega is growing, I have a responsibility to teach myself.


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What projects during your time at MegaServices stand out in your mind?

Let me see. We did an installation for Food for the Poor a few years ago. The technology was high-end, and I had the pleasure of walking the CEO through the process. I’m looking at a man that everybody was petrified of in the office, and he was like a kid with a new toy. I watched the employees, and they were all looking at each other because they didn’t even recognize him. This guy, he just loved every part of it and the investment in the new technology.

What are some challenges you’ve faced on your freelance journey? How has MegaServices helped you overcome them?

Every call can be a challenge. Sometimes, you follow up on somebody who didn’t do a good job. You could have a client that’s in a bad mood. What Mega has taught me is, number one, to have excellent support and understanding. Number two, John trained me to have a flawless process. You come in, do the preliminary work, and a quick survey to see the problem. Then you have a conversation with the site contact and ask. A lot of the time, you’ll find a solution by asking the right question.

Every assignment has its challenges. It’s being professional and asserting, “Hey, I’m going to take care of this.” And this is me. No matter how tough it is, I will get it done because Mega gives me all the resources I need.

I love that Mega has support and staff that stands up for you. We’ve had an issue where a client complained about something, and I love that Mega has a three-fold process in place. I can explain what happens and show pictures of everything. I sent a picture, and John would be like a fine detective. He’ll find proof that would exonerate me. It’s wonderful—that kind of support.

I take full ownership because, like I say, we’re adults. If I’m to be entrusted to walk into a $100 million office, I have to be professional. I had an incident where one of my techs dropped a TV. It was a $6,000 TV. So, I took ownership. And I asked, “What do I need to do?”

I was given an option. And for me, I find a way to build upon every opportunity, whether negative or positive.

What advice would you give to an aspiring AV technician that’s thinking of going freelance and partnering with MegaServices?

First and foremost, adjust yourself to the culture. We are family-oriented and professional. Be mindful, be thoughtful, be respectful, and have a great relationship with your resources and trust your resources. Learn to listen, follow instructions, and be process oriented. That’s the key.

In this field, you have to always be learning because there’s always something new. There’s always new technology. And the thing about it, although it’s new, it’s based on something old. So you have to understand the foundation of the old technology just to understand the new feature, how it works, and as John always tells me, follow the signal flow.

Technologies are definitely the field to be in. There is never a dull moment. It’s always exciting. You meet incredible people. Every day I get up, I look forward to going to work. I’m never too tired for it.


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Is there anything else you want to mention about MegaServices or AV tech?

Listen, I’m part of a growing company. Mega is going to be a leader in the industry. I think very soon, people are going to know who Mega is. Because the vision that Mike has it’s attracted the right set of people. And if you keep on growing with the right group of people…

Basically, everyone’s heard of IBM, heard of all these different tech companies: that is where Mega is headed. Because we’re competitive, we’re professional, we are results-driven, and, most of all, we’re quality. I tell my customers: “Listen, when I come in here, it’s white glove service.” I’m in it, and that’s what I give them. And they get it. They understand it, and they enjoy it.

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