With MegaServices, Pro AV Techs Can

Earn More Doing What You Love on Your Terms

At MegaServices, we help freelance Pro AV technicians maximize their earning potential and maintain their freedom to run their own businesses. As a MegaTech, you can find more work, grow your skills, and start realizing your goals.

Learn New Skills
Grow Your Business
Gain Flexibility

Enjoy Your Work Again

Take Control of Your Business and Life with MegaServices

You want to grow your business and earn more without sacrificing your work-life balance. You want to grow your skills and find new challenges and opportunities that make each day exciting. You want to be your own boss without wasting hours each week trying to find new work.

Want to Learn New Skills?

Stressed About Finding Clients?

Earning Less than you want?

This is where megaservices comes in

We can help you create a productive, profitable, and sustainable business you love.

As a freelance AV tech, partnering with MegaServices means gaining access to a vast network of clients, tailored resources, and ongoing mentorship from industry veterans. We offer different levels of freelancers within our platform, allowing you to grow and advance your career at your own pace. Our platform offers the tools and opportunities to help you achieve your professional goals, whether you aspire to become a MegaTech, MegaPro, or reach the prestigious status of MegaElite.

Why Mega Services?

MegaServices has Pro AV clients across North America that want to work with techs like you.

Since 2007, we have been connecting Pro AV techs and clients to get freelance professionals the work they’re looking for. We have helped hundreds of technicians build a better business and earn more money. With our expert training and resources, we help you reach the next level of your career.

Join our network today. It’s risk free.

We Service Leading Companies

We want to help more freelance Pro AV techs reach their income, business, and life goals.

As a professional, you have multiple goals for your business and life. You want to choose projects that align with your interests and passions, allowing you to express your creativity and a more fulfilling work experience. You want to be your own boss, making key decisions about your career and business. You want to choose projects that fit your schedule and work from multiple locations to achieve a better work-life balance.

Here at MegaServices, we want you to start reaching these goals. Large companies and system integrators from all over North America work with MegaServices to get technicians for their large installs and projects. We leverage our network of technicians like you to help them find the expert they need and connect them with experts like you, so they find the quality work they’re looking for without the hassle.

We have the tools, training, and work to help you level up your skills and career. You choose the jobs you want, take the training you want, and work in the markets you want so you keep the benefits of being independent while working with us.

Why Mega Services?

It's a Simple 3-step Process

We try to make teh process as painless as possible so you can get to work

Step 1


Press the GET STARTED button and take a few minutes to fill out the MegaTech application form, which will give us a sense of your skills and work experience.

Step 2


Our recruitment team will walk you through the screening processes, including some basic testing and verification to ensure you have the right equipment and tools for the work.

Step 3

Start Working

Once you’ve been through our vetting processes, you’ll be added to our network. You’ll start receiving work orders for jobs in your area to get started right away!

Reach the Next Level and Earn Six Figures by Becoming a MegaElite Tech

At MegaServices, we see tech earn six figures doing what they love. We even started a program, MegaElite, for our top earners. MegaElite techs bring home six-figure incomes doing what they love, and we want to help you do the same.

We have the training and experience to help techs learn the skills they need to become more in demand than ever and start earning the income they want. In our MegaElite program, you can have work-life balance and independence while still bringing in over $100K each year.

The only question is, are you willing to take the first step to earning what you deserve?

1st Loyalty you will not find a better company that has 200% loyalty to you as contractor.
2nd. Job quality if the job dosent fit a level of professionalism and ethics of the company you won’t hear about it
3rd.Always answers the phone, and if you cannot reach a 3rd pRty they will.
4th.All of the crew is knowledgeable, respectful and will find answers when you need them, they treat you like family and in my eyes they are. You stand for them the back you up as well.

The Best of the Best !

I really enjoy working with this company. They have great communication. The staff is a pleasure to work with, and Christian always has a great attitude and provides great support. Great company!

I love working for mega because we work together as a team. I know if I’m having difficulties, I can call anyone from Mega and they will help me out. It is a faith-based company which to me means the company has laid a great cornerstone for the foundation of a great company.

“Been working with Mike & Mega Services LLC of Acworth for 4 years now, and the service today is as good, if not better than when this journey began. Second to none, Mega Services LLC is your one stop shop for Pro AV partnerships for all of your audio visual project requirements. They’ve been instrumental in supporting my AV requirements on a consistent basis with absolute return on investment, and I highly recommend them to help you succeed with your vision too!!”

As an AV/IT sub-contractor working in the field over 12 years, with dozens of different companies, MegaServices has been at the top of my list in every way.

They are reliable, consistent, and pay on-time because they actually care. They take pride in their work, and likewise have been great to work for.

Their support and knowledge is second to none, and having worked with MegaServices for more than 10 years, I can honestly say they are one of the best companies I have ever worked for.

I’m always happy to accept work from them, because I know the job will be well-thought out and planned, before I arrive to do the work on site.

They are always happy to take a call to work through whatever my on-site issue of the day may be.

Couldn’t recommend more.

The Benefits of Becoming a MegaTech™

If you’re ready to start earning more money and are tired of the treadmill of always finding new work, MegaServices could be for you. As part of our MegaTech™ network, you will receive:

• Access to jobs in markets across North America
• Competitive rates
• Fast payment turn arounds
• Access to our support desk for on-site support
• Access to training resources
• Loyalty and referral incentives

What Makes Mega Unique?

Our top priority is on building partnerships with the best freelance PRO AV field engineers /technicians in the business.We focus on building a family-oriented culture with those resources that gives them:

  • Stability of work – consistency is key
  • Prompt, reliable pay – we deliver on our promises
  • World-class technical support – 48 industry certifications, 20+ years field experience and counting
  • Ethics – Business is conducted with fairness, honesty and honor
  • Professional growth – offering continued education and on-going training maximizing potential
  • Loyalty – we give it and demand it in return Relationships – People matter to God, so people matter to us

This culture is what allows us to deliver TOP results to our customers. Your success, is our success. We strive to EARN your business every day. We align the resources necessary to streamline communication, automate workflow process,and then delivery as the rule, not the exception.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I learn more about the AV systems that Mega Services troubleshoots/maintains?

    We support expanding your education of AV systems and do our best to work with manufacturers to provide you more educational materials. We provide access to online training for certain manufacturers, as well as our own technical training video library.

  • How quickly will I get paid for my work?

    We strive to pay you in a timely manner. Once work is completed, it typically takes 2-3 days for the work order to be approved. You can help streamline the payment process by making sure that all client deliverables are turned in before you leave the job site. 

  • How Can I Get Started

    We’re glad you asked! The first step to becoming a MegaTech is to fill out our application Just click on any of the GET STARTED buttons here on this page. The entire process should take less than 30 minutes. 

  • What is the typical pay rate?

    Our average pay rate varies from $50.00 – $75.00 per hour during regular business hours. However, Technician Pay Varies upon the Customer, SOW, Experience, ability to follow instructions, technical skills & professionalism. You also can earn more if work is required after hours, holidays and/or weekends, up to $100.00 per hour.

  • How much work can I expect to receive from Mega Services?

    This varies based on geography, as there is more work available in populous areas. As you grow with Mega, you can earn first right of refusal for ALL available work in your area.